Sparkle your clothes with PurpleBag

The most convenient way to laundry and dry cleaning services
with on-demand pick-up and delivery. Now in Hyderabad

How PurpleBag works?
Download the app and set up your account and preferences. Tap the schedule, confirm the quantity & time, and we'll be on our way to see you!
Our friendly Purple Guy will come to your door and bring you a new laundry and/or dry cleaning bag. We'll pick-up your clothes and be on our way.
Our facilitie centers will wash, fold, press and dry clean your garments according to the specifications you noted in the app.
You'll be notified that your clothes are ready in 3 days. Set up a delivery and clean, fresh clothes will be on their way to your door!
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download purplebag laundry dry cleaning services app hyderabad download purplebag laundry dry cleaning services app hyderabad
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Advantages of PurpleBag
purplebag doorstep services hyderabad
Doorstep Service
Door Step Service redefines customer convenience by offering to do service at your door step – be it your home or your office.
purplebag laundry dry cleaning expert care hyderabad
Expert Care
With our experts with extensive knowledge in the industry will take care of your clothes.
purplebag laundry dry cleaning with pure water hyderabad
Pure Water
Pure water is water that comes from any source, but has chemicals or contaminants. Like distillation and reverse osmosis.
purplebag laundry dry cleaning with high quality detergents hyderabad
High Quality Detergents
For the varied requirements of our clients, we are engaged in importing, and using a wide range of High Quality Detergent Powder.
purplebag laundry dry cleaning wrinkle free packaging hyderabad
Wrinkle Free Packaging
Experience our wrinkle free packaging for every garment that will make them look new & fresh.
purplebag laundry dry cleaning State of the art Technology hyderabad
State of the art Technology
Our technology is very modern to its highest development and using the advanced techniques like paperless billing and electronic cash.
purplebag laundry dry cleaning services Customer Support hyderabad
Customer Support
Customer support to customers before, during and after the service is provided.
purplebag laundry dry cleaning services hyderabad
Happy Faces
We save your time. Just spend it with your family.